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Our Experts are Best-Kept-Secrets

At Top Tier Experts, we believe that the best experts are NOT found on publicly available expert listings. The vast majority of those experts are ``pay for opinion`` experts and ``what do you want me to say`` experts. However, our clients want to know the truth about the case merit from the start. It's the experts who do medicolegal work with us, but are not career experts, who are the most honest and provide the greatest value to the consultation.

Witness Testimony

Our experts have amassed considerable testimony experience, present well before juries, and are quite compelling.


Whether in person or remotely by Zoom, our experts provide powerful testimony that will help your case.

Record Review

Our credentialed physician experts will perform a comprehensive medical record review, including the imaging studies, and provide an opinion about case merit.

Demonstrative Evidence.

A picture is worth 1,000 words and a video is worth 1,000,000. Our 3d and 4d models are powerful for demonstrating case merit in a way that any lay-person or jury member can understand.

Medical Chronology

We will provide you with a time course of relevant events through a chronological records summary which will shave time off your case evaluation.

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1. Trained at the Top Tier Institutions.
2. Top-Shelf
3. Will prioritize your consultation
4. Best-kept-secret experts
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Trained at the Top Tier Institutions

We maintain a high standard for our expert panels as credentials are important to juries.

Will prioritize your consultation

The turnaround for our experts typically runs between 24 hrs and 1 to 2 weeks.

Best-kept-secret experts

The best and most honest medicolegal experts are not the ones found on public expert listings, but rather the ones who take less cases, give each more time, and care about quality of consultation over quantity.


We pride ourselves on having experts who are the best in the business.

The Right Fit For The Case

1. Best In Class
2. Clear Expectations
3. Managed Contact
4. Rapid Turnaround
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Best In Class
Clear Expectations
Managed Contact
Rapid Turnaround
The First Time

Your Source for expert talent who are Top-Shelf and Best-Kept-Secrets...

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